Mining Vehicle system

We all know that fuel of your vehicle is so precious for all of us and the increase in price is more pain full for every one. In this situation some one tries to male practicing with your vehicle fuel management in this situation we can we can understand your pain and irritation towards it. To keep away this happening from you we offer a VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM which are widely used in automobiles, Transportation sector, taxi cab management, crane trailer management,ambulance management, school bus management etc

Fleet management includes commercial motor vehicles such as Cars, Vans and Trucks. Users can see actual, real-time locations of their fleet on a Map, Fuel Level, Battery Status, Engine Status, Inside view of Vehicle. Fleet Management is a function which allows companies to improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs. 

  • Get Current location anywhere anytime
  • Monitor Speed
  • SMS alert on Engine On/Off
  • Over speed alert
  • Vehicle route history
  • Vehicle security/complete anti theft solution (immobilizer)
  • Inbuilt GSM & GPS
  • Strong reception GPS & GSM
  • Quad Band GSM Module
  • Geo fence zones
  • Web based tracking platform
  • Smallest size
  • 12 month warranty
  • Monitor fuel level, no need to use extra fuel gauge
  • Monitor vehicle stoppage timing & duration
  • Monitor idling timing & duration
  • Control driver’s rash driving
  • Audio monitoring
  • Inbuilt battery backup
  • SOS/panic button
  • Low battery alerts/Power off alerts
  • SMS alerts on engine on/off
  • Support camera
  • Support Navigation system.
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