Kaytm – A secure school journey solution

A CHILD is an asset, a rays of hope for the society and the nation……….a reason for live the parents . A reason to live that is more tender and venerable than anything we know of. When with you your kid is protected and taken care off!! But kid has to move out to see this world….to live, to learn and to learn –to- live. It is these moments when the kid is away, thousands are lost, some forever. Kids were most venerable and you had no way to track them when they made their daily school Journey but not anymore…. Technology has touched our lives in more ways and this time it is there to give us Peace of Mind. Track MAGIC is an innovative solution design by Parents for Parents to ensure safety and security of their kids. 


  • Attendance Monitoring and access details
  • Monitoring lecture schedules
  • Call an Urgent meeting.… ….
  • Remind visiting faculty
  • Remind Students/ Parents regarding Fees
  • Send alerts for submission of projects
  • Get students assembled at a short notice
  • Send Emergency message to all Students & Staff
  • No communication gap between parents, students & administrators. Sending newsletters to teachers and parents.
  • Solution with RFID enabled system
  • RFID is an effective solution in relieving the parents of this worry
  • School campus fitted with RFID enabled system and children carrying RFID nametags can let parents track where their children are
  • The system can be configured to alert the parents of their child getting out of or getting onto the bus in real time
  • The Tracker unit can be interfaced with external sensor hardware to make bus more safe or to call for help during crisis
  • Many more alerts can be configured with system in cases such as:

If their child does not board the bus when it leaves from school. If bus takes a halt between school and home If the bus breaks down

For School Management

  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Justified security with respect to student.
  • Parents get SMS on mobile after successful departure.
  • Facilitates to link our software with School Website.
  • Bus Delay/Late Alerts on Mobile and Email to Parents.
  • Responsibility handover between Parents and School by SMS alerts
  • Reduce Bus Trip Time & Passenger Pickup Timing
  • Get SMS Alert on Driver’s Rash Driving.
  • Monitor Bus Stoppage Timing and Duration.
  • Restrict icing Side  Jobs By Bus Driver

For Parents

  • Per-alert of Bus status
  • Parents get MMS/SMS on their on mobile as a conformation picking and departure.
  • Parents check Bus location on their Mobile or Website.
  • Bus Delay/failure alert SMS
  • Parents will get sms after their kids arrival and departure from school campus
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